Iñaki Garcia de Cortazar Atauri

Pheno-2022 Coordinator

Agroclim INRAE, Avignon, France

   Iñaki Garcia de Cortazar-Atauri is a research engineer, working at Inrae since 2011. His work in the Agroclim unit covers several research fields:

1) evaluation of phenological process based models for perennial and annual crops;
2) works on crop modelling using the STICS crop model in particular, and especially to study climate change impacts on grapevine;
3) development of biophysical databases related with the climate;
4) the development of agronomic indicators in order to define strategies to adapt cropping systems to climate change.

Iñaki is the unit director of the AgroClim lab in Avignon, and one of the managers of the national network of phenology observatories, the TEMPO network (https://tempo.pheno.fr/soere-tempo_eng/).