Nathalie Butt

Centre for Biodiversity and Conservation Science, School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, The University of Queensland.

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Theresa M. Crimmins

USA National Phenology Network, University of Arizona.

Making the most of volunteer-contributed observations: Recent advancements in data summary, visualization, modeling, and forecasting to support scientific discovery and societal applications.

Heikki Hänninen

Zhejiang A&F University, State Key Laboratory of Subtropical Silviculture, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China.

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Akiko Satake

Kyushu University, Japan.

Molecular phenology in trees.

Fulu Tao

Chinese Academy of Sciences and Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke).

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Victor Rodriguez-Galiano

Departamento de Geografía Física y Análisis Geográfico Regional Universidad de Sevilla.

Land surface phenology as indicator of global terrestrial ecosystem dynamics.